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RX64M board

Datasheet - comming soon.

VK-Jx3-E board

VK-FK4 board:

V850E2M FK4 with: 2xFlexRay,2xCAN,2xUART,2xLIN,512kB SRAM.

NEW! Datasheet

VK-RZ/A1H board:

Ver 3.0 is out. The board is equipped with both R7S721000VCBG#YJ0, the 10MB-version of the RZ/A1H and R5F10KBCAFP , 16bit RL78/G1C connectivity microcontroller .

3D PDF ver 2.0
Brochure ver 2.0
Comming Soon! Brochure ver 3.0
SolidWorks 3D Model - ver 2.0
Comming Soon! SolidWorks 3D Model - ver 3.0
User Manual Ver 2.0
User Manual Ver 3.0
mbed User Manual Ver 4.0
NEW U-Boot - GCC
Linux section
SD CARD RAM/Flash/I2C Loader
SD CARD RAM/Flash/I2C Loader parameter description
Comming soon - RL78/G1C project (IAR)
Express Logic Embedded GUI demo - contact us by e-mail for download link.
IS2S MicroEJ demos - contact us by e-mail for download link.
.NET Micro Framework - contact us by e-mail for download link.
.NET Micro Framework for VK-RZ/A1H(V3.0) Instalation manual.
NEW! x264test -> codes raw movie image in to mp4 format & stores it to the SD card !


The board is equipped with 5.0" TFT LCD,ressistive touch ( STMPE811 ) and Audio DAC(MAX9850).

NEW! 3D PDF (some browsers may not display correctly)
NEW! Schematic

Starter kit for the first 78k microcontroler with USB function device.

Starter kit for V850ES Fx3 device

V850ES Fx3 board:

2xCAN,2xLIN,RTC,USB,Ethernet,SD card and 384kB SRAM.
FreeRTOS port.
CNET V2.0 port.


VK-RL78/G1C board:

R5F10JGC with: Development space and 1-USB HOST,1-USB FUNCTION,UART,RGB LED,7 segment LED,User 2 push buttons and RESET button,14 pins E1 connector.

NEW! Datasheet