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Microprint is a rosin based solder paste range, which allows a previously unseen level of repeatability and consistency. Not only can this new solder paste technology offer the next step in process yield optimisation, this technology heralds the way for lead free ready flux activation and gel/temperature stability. Microprint has been carefully formulated to offer the maximum in performance on tin/lead, copper, gold, nickel and silver based substrate materials, to ensure optimum solderability and minimum process difficulties when using either Sn62, Sn63, or lead free alternatives (Sn96 or Warton lead free TSC (Sn/Ag/Cu) offering a melting point of 217°C). Microprint is available in a particle size distribution of 15-32µm or 25-53µm - offering repeatable print performance for all aperture sizes including 0.6mm QFP's to below 0.3mm µBGA's.

Total Clean 130- Stencil Cleaner

Total Clean 200 - Flux Residue Remover (Aerosol with brush)

Total Clean Wipes - Stencil wipes supplied in a bucket

Total Clean 300 - Total Submersion Cleaner

Total Clean 440 - In Line or Stage Batch Cleaner

Total Clean 500 -Concentrate

Total Clean 505 - Saponifier